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The town of Castell’Arquato rises about the beautiful countryside of the province of the Arda Valley near Piacenza, where history and nature combine to offer a unique mix of colour, scent, and wonderful views, far from the bustle of modern life. Castell’Arquato is rich in history and culture, ancient architecture and artistic heritage, nature and gastronomic tradition. Within the ancient city walls, take a stroll around the perfectly preserved medieval architecture, the Ducal Palace, the Viscount’s Castle and the unique Piazza Monumentale.

"I’ve achieved my dream! And I would like you to achieve yours, enjoying the delights of a stay at Mulino Marsa. The dream was made from a deep passion: for this land, its nature, its living things. This passion was brought to life by the peace and tranquillity of this place, that warms the heart. These hills and valleys inspired my dream. Here my adventure began, after leaving Italy’s capital city, following the teachings of the Eastern discipline of mind and body, and Chinese medicine. The result is a welcoming home from home, a Bed and Breakfast that I rebuilt with my own hands, carefully recreating the structure of the ancient mill. My goal was to embed the mill deep into the surrounding nature, restoring traditional farming tools given to me by local smallholders. This is my dream: Mulino Marsa is how I imagined it, restored and rebuilt day by day. A stay at the Mulino Marsa offers you the sights, scents and flavours that make dreams come true. Come and let me tell you my story, the story of this land and of its traditions. I look forward to welcoming you". Luciano.

Proprietario e Custode - Mulino Marsa

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